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Portugal Plugs
Portugal uses the Type F plug. Type F electrical plugs used in Portugal are manufactured to the CEE 7/4 and CEE 7/7 standards and is commonly referred to as a Schuko plug.

The line and neutral plug contacts for Portugal Type F plugs are two round pins with a 4.8 millimeter diameter. Plug pins measure 19 millimeters long and are 19 millimeters apart from the pin centers.

The Portugal CEE 7/4 and CEE 7/7 plug, rated 16 amps 250 volts, features grounding contacts on both the top and bottom sides of the plug to ensure grounded connections with Type F CEE 7/3 receptacles. Most Type F plugs used in Portugal also incorporate an earthing ground hole socket in the face of the plug. Plugs with the additional grounding earth contact hole is the CEE 7/7 standard. The benefit of using a CEE 7/7 plug is the dual use feature that allows for a grounded electrical connection to either Type F CEE 7/3 receptacles or Type E CEE 7/5 receptacles. Plugs utilizing both grounding contact options are commonplace and widely used in Continental Europe and other Regions / Countries around the World that use the Portugal Type F plug standards.
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