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General Information

When exporting electrical / electronic equipment to foreign countries there are three basic power plug / receptacle configuration systems in use in most countries of the world. They are the "NATIONAL" configurations, "IEC 60309 (formerly 309) - CEE 17" configurations and "IEC 60320 (formerly 320)" configurations which are explained below.
National configurations are plug / receptacles of a blade or pin design that are commonly used in a general geographical area or a specific country for the connection of electrical / electronic equipment to a power source. Generally rated 16 ampere-250 volt or less they are used on computers, appliances, medical equipment, small machines, portable tools and other light duty / medium duty electrical equipment.

Many countries have configuration standards for 2 pole-2 wire, 2 pole-3 wire and 3 pole-4 wire type plugs / receptacles, however, the preponderance of usage is the 2 pole-3 wire grounding configuration. Usage of 2 pole-3 wire grounding configurations in foreign countries is similar to the use and application of NEMA 5-15 plugs and receptacles in the United States.

All "NATIONAL" configuration plugs, receptacles, connectors, power strips, cords and cord sets are approved by the appropriate testing agency where applicable.
IEC 60320 (formerly 320) CONFIGURATIONS
IEC 60320 (formerly 320) configurations are a series of plugs, connectors, inlets and outlets designed for use on portable equipment such as computers, printers, medical equipment and other electrical /electronic equipment. Typical examples are the three pin power inlets on the back of your computer or printer. Cord sets with IEC 60320 (formerly 320) connectors and national plug configurations allow exported equipment to interface with outlets used around the world.

IEC 60320 (formerly 320) devices are in accordance with standard sheets C 13-14 (65C), C 15-16 (120C).

C 19-20 (65C) at various ratings.

The 120 C devices incorporate a keyway that prevents entry of 65C connectors.

Approvals include UL, CSA, VDE, OVE, CEBEC, DEMKO, KEMA, SEV, NEMKO and other agencies.
IEC 60309 (formerly 309) CEE 17 CONFIGURATIONS
IEC 60309 (formerly 309) - CEE 17 configurations are HEAVY DUTY plug / receptacles of a pin / sleeve design and have a specific rating for each configuration.

Unlike "NATIONAL" type plug / receptacle configurations that are used in a general geographic area or specific country, the IEC 60309 (formerly 309) - CEE 17 are recognized in many countries of the world for use on heavy duty equipment. IEC 60309 (formerly 309) - CEE 17 devices are rated 16/20 ampere, 30/32 ampere, 60/63 ampere, 125 ampere in various voltages and are available in 2 pole - 3 wire, 3 pole - 4 wire and 4 pole - 5 wire grounding configurations.

These units are approved by the various testing / standards agencies and are ideal for application on large computers, machine tools, welders and other industrial equipment.

Explosion-proof, watertight and high abuse models are available on request.