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Telephone: 860-749-6380
Fax: 860-749-2985
International Configurations, Inc.
International and North American Power Connection Products
GFCI Wiring Devices, Power Cords, Plugs, Outlets.

Tel: 860-749-6380 ~ Fax: 860-749-2985
GFCI Receptacles, GFCI Circuit Breakers, GFCI Accessories 
Worldwide Applications
Products In Stock at our Connecticut, USA Facility
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European Schuko GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
United Kingdom GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Australia & New Zealand GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
France & Belgium GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
China GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Italy GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
South Africa & India GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Brazil GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Switzerland GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Denmark GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
Israel GFCI Devices: 10mA, 30mA
GFCI Circuit Breakers: 10mA, 30mA
Din Rail Mount, Panel Mount and Surface Mount
In-Line GFCI Circuit Breakers, GFCI Extension Cords: 10mA, 30mA
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Product Line Includes:
*Power Outlets Available - All Countries
*Plugs, Connectors & Power Cords
*International Multi-Outlet Power Strips 
*IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices
*C-13, C-14, C-19 and C-20 Components
*GFCI and RCD Circuit Breakers
*Step-Up & Step-Down Transformers
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Quickly view and select International power cords, Domestic cord sets, detachable power cords and power supply cords.  

Product Line Includes:
*International Cord Sets & Supply Cords  
*North American UL / CSA Power Cords
*Hospital Grade "Green Dot" Cord Sets
*NEMA L5-15 to L6-30 Locking Cords
*IEC 60320 Detachable & Power Supply
*IEC 60309 Detachable & Power Supply
*Custom / Made To Order Also Available 

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