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IEC 60320 Plug Adapters & Power Cord Splitters"Click Product Links or Pictures For More Information"
IEC 60320 C-14, C-13, C-20, C-19, C-5, C-7 Adapters & Power Cord Splitters
• IEC 60320 Adapters Complete Listing
• C-14 Adapters • C-19 Adapters
• C-13 Adapters • C-5 Adapters
• C-7 Adapters • IEC 60320 Power Cord Splitters
• IEC 60320 Adapter Brochure • IEC 60320 C-14 to C-19 Power Cords

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IEC 60320 Adapters

C13, C14, C19, C20, C15, C7, C5, C21 Types, IEC to NEMA Adapters, IEC 60309 Adapters